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Software Outsourcing-A successful business strategy

software development outsourcing

Tuesday, 20. May 2008

New Bank Holding Portal Solution

By softwareoutsourcing, 13:07

Another successful year (2007) of Excellency and achievement ended with the release of Passageways Bank Holding Solution. This specific solution is designed and developed for holding companies and their subsidiaries to meet institution wide communication needs. Passageways is well known for its bank intranet and credit union intranet portal solutions that always bring innovative solutions to help financial institutions nation wide. 

Bank holding portal solution facilitates and centralizes fast, effective collaborative communication among bank employees. Now bank portal is available in two delivery formats, first one is in-house and second is hosted with passageways. The standard and recommended in-house credit union portal solution places on the holding company's new or already existing server. With hosting at passageways require one time set up fee and reasonable monthly fee with full support. This specific software solution can serve limitless users and supports the use of the passageways portal framework as well as most of the passageways modules. 

"Increasing productivity, streamlining workflows and more effectively managing information are some of the benefits available to banking holding companies that use financial intranet corporate portals," said Paroon Chadha, co-founder and vice president of Passageways. However there are many portal providers offering general portal frameworks but there are few solution providers that offers portal framework specifically for financial institutions to collaboratively organize and manage documents, content, Web sites and other corporate knowledge bases, passageways is one among them. Portal users enhance their ability to share information between executives and board members, and reduce costs by eliminating the need to prepare and ship hard copies of key documents, all in all an excellent solution for holding companies and their subsidiaries. 

About passageways, the company is market leader in web portal solutions and committed to creating affordable and trusted products for financial organizations of all sizes. Passageways is an Extranet Solution that is much more customizeable than solutions like Sharepoint.Company mission is to craft an all-embracing collaborative environment for employees and partners in the financial industry with emphasis on mantra, "Innovate, Connect, Grow".


Upcoming Outsourcing Centers in India

By softwareoutsourcing, 13:07

Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune are well known for offshore software development outsourcing centers in India, but offshore development is expending to new venues spread all over India. Before discussing the reasons why software outsourcing centers are expanding beyond these well-recognized places, we quickly sort out the list of new upcoming offshore outsourcing India or offshore development Indian centers.

Ahmedabad, this name strikes mind at the very first, when we think about fastest growing centers in software outsourcing india, Pro investment policies of state government and top class infrastructure attracting big software development outsourcing players to establish a development center in the city. In western companies link H.P. and Oracle have already started center at the place.

Nagpur, is known as study and education hub, immense talent can be easily found here and expert labor pool gives a valid reason to establish a IT and ITES center here. 

National Capital Region (NCR), scattered places near Country capital New Delhi are growing rapidly as IT zone of north India now considered to be the software outsourcing company hub also. Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Chandigarh are among the hot IT zones. Like Nagpur it is also hub of technical education in north India so low cost IT talent can easily accessible here.

Kochi and Visakhapatnam has already chosen by big companies like Wipro, HP, ACS, Satyam etc. in recent future a lot more happening is expected in these places regarding Information technology affairs. 

Now question arises why these alternative outsourcing locations are being discovered, the major reason for this is the software development and other IT functional costs at major recognized outsourcing centers has reached to the cost it require in US and all this because of high labor cost in these cities as they becoming expensive to highly expensive place. Before deciding for migration and porting of your business application, consider following things at least once.

Monday, 17. September 2007

Passageways Launches Hosted Portal Solution

By softwareoutsourcing, 14:12

Passageways, the leading provider of Portal Solutions for financial institutions, today announced that they will begin offering a “hosted version” of their portal solution targeted towards the smaller financial institutions intranet portals.

The Passageways Hosted Portal Solution is an Application Service Provider (ASP)/Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides the use of the Passageways software and hosting with a one-time setup fee and an affordable monthly fee. The ASP/SaaS option is appropriate for those on a limited startup budget, for those wanting to "test the waters" of their business model before committing to a material investment, or for those whose needs are short term. However, it is also a preferred alternative to purchasing software and operating servers in-house for all financial institutions. 

The Passageways Hosted Portal Solution can serve an unlimited number of users, and supports the use of the Passageways Portal Framework as well as the existing Passageways. The offering also allows purchasers to choose the amount of storage space needed.

The launch of this Hosted Solution also includes the announcement of the first two Passageways Hosted Solution clients. MEMBERS Development Company LLC, a research and development company owned by credit unions and CUNA Mutual Group, located in Madison, Wisconsin and Delaware State Police FCU, a $102 Million in assets credit union with branches in New Castle, Cheswold and Sussex, Delaware.

Friday, 06. July 2007

Software Outsourcing-A successful business strategy

By softwareoutsourcing, 15:22

Corporate business world in India is witnessing new horizons of success and this is all possible because of Offshore Software Development Outsourcing . Today, software outsourcing has become one of most successful strategy for the businesses that almost every other business organization is considering it. Currently India is known as a global provider of offshore software development vendors  to provide high-end software outsourcing services. All popularity that India gains in software industry is due to cheap outsourcing services with perfect ness that too with highest quality. In India here are countless Outsourced Product Development Center that give software solutions to whole world. India has become one of most preferred destination by many software companies because they get their work done with ultimate quality, professionalism and security by the skilled Indian professionals. This is what many companies consider before outsourcing their work to a vendor.

India is also involved in Offshore Software Product Testing that provides ultimate solution for most of the American and European countries. Now a days India also have some Smart Card Development Solutions Consultancy that deal with smart card technologies. As competition is increasing so outsourcing is becoming a management tool for redefining and reengineering the organization. It challenges companies to think beyond the vertically integrated organization in favor of a more flexible organization structured around core competencies and long term outside relationships.

Passageways - Credit Union Bank Intranet Portal Provider

Most of financial organizations these days are showing their interest in customized intranet portals  packages rather than developing software to accomplish the need of organization. There are lots of intranet portal provider companies that provide bank intranet, credit union intranet portal as a share point for bank knowledge management system.


Passageways is one of the leading bank extranet portals provider that help banks and other financial institution to customize this dashboard according to their functionality and requirement. This is not only time and money saving solution but it is also easy to implement without long training sessions. These bank intranet portals are designed and developed in such a way that can be customize to meet your specific business model and functionality.

Passageways has recently introduced performance dashboard that take care of performance and task completion of various departments across the financial organization. This helps credit union board of directors to make a policy or controlling the movement of functions within the organization. These performance dashboards are relatively inexpensive against the other software.

Many of the features of credit union extranet  and intranet portal includes measurement of efficiencies, trend and prediction on the basis of collective data, instant massaging and quick connectivity within organization, assistance in business decisions, alignment of strategies and goals of organization.